Sunday, May 8, 2011

Is your kid scared to poop?

Here he is, in all his 3 year-old glory sitting on the potty with a book. He is now four, but still enjoys sitting on the toilet for a really long time. Sometimes over 30 minutes pass. When I check on him he says he is still pushing. He reads, listens to music, and now, reads books on the iphone. I've known grown men to do the same, so I guess it pretty common to sit on the pot.

It is hard to believe that this little guy used to crawl on my lap when he felt the need to poop and say, "No, no, no," in the cutest and most frightened of voices.

Is your baby, toddler, or kid scared to poop? Mine was. We did all the right things, right? We kept him close, we did elimination communication, we were encouraging, but there is one thing I missed. It hurt. At least it did the first few times, but that was all he needed to know. It was sealed in this mind, Poop = pain.

There was one time that he didn't poop for days. We were traveling and figured it was normal to be thrown off. Everyone had an opinion about it. It was too long. Don't worry about it. Every kid is different. Etc.

And when it came out in a public bathroom in Toronto, Canada, it was so hard and so long that my husband, who had not seen the arduous poops our son endured, cried out loud, "Oh my god! This is insane"

What is crazy is that this is just one of the times that this happened. Looking back, I shouldn't have waited so long before taking action. I would have given him a diet full of stewed prunes and anything else to soften his stools. We stayed away from prunes because of a weakness in his teeth, but it would have saved him a lot of stress if he just pooped without pain.

Do you have stories about poop anxiety? Please do share!

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  1. It is always something isn't it?

    We haven't had poop anxiety yet, and I am hoping we won't have to for quite a long time. Thanks to shared stories and personal experiences, I make sure to encourage the poop foods (for us that's blueberries...guaranteed to produce copious navy blue poop) and back off the binders.